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Basic 5-10 Pages Dynamic WordPress Website

12,000.00 GST


Basic 5-10 Pages Dynamic WordPress Website

Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive web package, tailored to meet your digital aspirations and engage your audience effectively.

Hosting Environment: Secure a robust online foundation with one-year domain registration, providing you with an exclusive online identity. You’ll enjoy a generous 15 GB of website hosting space, allowing your content to shine, and ample 100 GB monthly bandwidth for seamless performance. Enhance your corporate identity with 5 dedicated corporate email IDs, and bolster your website’s security with an SSL certificate.

Website Design: Our expert team will craft a dynamic 5-10 page website that perfectly represents your business. This package includes a user-friendly contact form, ensuring seamless communication with your audience. An eye-catching responsive slider adds visual appeal to your website, and real-time customer interaction is facilitated through WhatsApp Chat or Live Chat. Captivate your audience with captivating photo and video galleries and offer a convenient Click-to-Call facility for immediate engagement. Seamlessly connect your online presence to your social media platforms with integrated links.

Responsive Screens: Your website is thoughtfully designed to adapt effortlessly to various screens, including mobile and tablet devices. This ensures a superior user experience and broadens your audience reach.

Dynamic Function: Empower yourself with a dynamic website, complete with a separate admin panel for effortless content management. This dynamic feature allows you to add, edit, or delete an unlimited number of pages, images, and videos, keeping your online content fresh and engaging.

Backup & Technical Support: Trust in our commitment to safeguard your data, with yearly website backups for data protection. Regular virus and malware scanning ensures a secure online environment. Additionally, our on-demand remote support is readily available whenever you require technical assistance.

This comprehensive web package is your gateway to effective digital engagement, offering not only security and flexibility but dynamic features that will set your online presence apart.


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